Ⓜ️MODUS Members Token

Introducing the MODUS Membership Token

Modus is a members only platform. To join you will need MODUS Tokens which will enable you to access the real estate development opportunities on the Modus platform. Staking MODUS Tokens will unlock our self-serve platform, giving you the ability to easily invest in the latest real estate development projects.

The more MODUS Tokens you stake, the higher your membership tier and the more you can invest and earn in return.

More than just a Membership Token

MODUS Token is a deflationary token with a buy back and burn mechanism. Modus has a finite supply of 1,000,000,000 MODUS and when combined with a fair vesting schedule and automated burning protocol, community members are incentivised to hold MODUS for the long-term whilst continuing to participate in various projects of their choice.

In addition MODUS Token holders are empowered with governance capabilities. Via staking in the Modus dApp, Modus members are able to influence decisions at Modus HQ.

MODUS Token Sale Q3 2024

Technical Specification

Modus tokens adhere to the ERC-20 technical standard used for token implementation; consequently, compliance to this standard includes rules on how the tokens can be transferred, how transactions are approved, how users can access data about the token and the total supply of the tokens. Most importantly, the ERC-20 token standard also ensures that the token is compatible with virtually all wallet addresses and decentralised exchanges and provide for easy auditability. Taken together, these set of widely used functions and signals ensure that Modus tokens will be broadly interactable and usable across the AirDAO ecosystem.

Users can interact with Modus Tokens using any wallet compatible with Blocknative and Walletconnect. For a full list of compatible wallets go here.

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