Our Features

Key features of Modus

Access to Exclusive Development Projects

Modus offers token holders exclusive access to high-yield property development projects in the UK. Through partnerships with developers, users can fund projects from the beginning, potentially generating approximately 15% annual returns based on historical performance. This unlocks opportunities typically reserved for institutions, democratising access to the lucrative real estate market.

Decentralised and Self-Governing

Modus employs blockchain technology to create a self-governing decentralised platform. By utilising the AirDAO Mainnet and smart contracts, Modus ensures trustless transactions, secure ownership verification, and automated execution of agreements. This decentralisation empowers users, providing full control over their funds and enabling seamless participation in real estate investments.

Staking and Tokenomics

Modus introduces a staking mechanism where users stake its native token ($MODUS) to unlock different investment tiers. The more $MODUS tokens staked, the higher the amount of stablecoin ($USDC) that can be invested in each project. Additionally, $MODUS employs deflationary tokenomics through token burning, providing scarcity and potential value appreciation. This combination of staking and tokenomics incentivises long-term holding and participation in the Modus ecosystem.

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