🔎Structure & Due Diligence

Multiple checks and failsafes are in place to ensure only premium developments are offered through the Modus. Here are some of our considerations.

  • Developer Asset and Liability Statement

  • Developer Track Record and Experience

🔒 80%: Senior debt providers collaborate with various third-party professionals to perform comprehensive due diligence. The robust risk mitigation efforts are not solely attributed to the Modus property team but also significantly involve the bank, given its substantial stake in the capital stack.

💼 20%: Typically, a HNWI or institution contributes the entire equity portion. We offer them the framework to fractionalise this for $MODUS Members, granting you access to property development #RWAs that were previously out of reach.

🌐 Global Access: Our finance structure enables us to tackle diverse, more lucrative real estate projects with the best UK property developers, offering investors from across the world greater potential returns.

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