What Blockchain does Modus operate on?

Modus currently operates on the AirDAO blockchain which is powered by its native token AMB. AirDAO is a community-governed EVM compatible L1 blockchain and ecosystem of web3 decentralised applications (dApps).

Our ambition is to be omni-chain via layer 0 solutions and this will therefore become a part of our roadmap soon.

How do I add AirDAO Network to my Wallet?

When connecting to the platform without already being on the AirDAO network you will be prompted to switch or import the network if you do not already have it available in your MetaMask/ Wallet.

In order to do this manually, you can add the AirDAOnetwork to your EVM compatible wallet, such as MetaMask, by going to “Add Network” then, “Add a Network Manually” and filling in the following details:

Network name: AirDAO Testnet

New RPC URL: https://network.ambrosus-test.io

Chain ID: 22040

Currency Symbol: AMB

Block explorer URL: https://testnet.airdao.io/explorer

How do I connect my wallet and login to the platform?

Connecting and logging in are one and the same. If you have added the AirDAO network using the details in the “How do I add the AirDAO Network to my Wallet?” FAQ, simply click the “Connect Wallet” button and select the wallet provider you want to connect with.

When connecting your wallet to the platform for the first time, accept the two prompts you get from your wallet in order to continue.

What if I don't have a wallet yet?

If you don’t have a wallet, click on the “Connect Wallet Button” and select one of the wallet options (we recommend MetaMask). Follow the instructions on how to set up your wallet. Then add AirDAO as a network using the details in the “How do I add AirDAO Network to my Wallet?” FAQ.

*Remember: never share your recovery phrase or private key with anyone. Modus nor any other legitimate dApp will ever ask for this.*

How do I complete Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements?

In order to invest in property development listings on Modus, KYC needs to be completed for regulatory reasons. As your KYC profile is associated with your wallet address, you will need to have your wallet connected before you begin the process. Click on “Start KYC” on the homepage, this will take you to the KYC page where you can verify yourself through our partners at SumSub. You will initially be asked a few questions in regards to your financial literacy and be asked to certify yourself. The last steps to complete are uploading a photo of your ID and a proof of address, as well as completing a liveliness test. It can take up to 24 hours to verify. All your personal information is securely stored with SumSub.

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