Post-project Staking

Effortless Monitoring and Controlled Rewards for Project Token Holders

Empowering Project Stakeholders

Owners of Project Tokens will be able to see information on each of their positions via the Modus dApp dashboard when a wallet has been connected. Namely, how many PTs have been staked, the amount of PRTs accumulated so far, time to maturity and their value in terms of $MODUS tokens.

Project stakes are targeted to reach maturity in between 12-18 months and seek approximate returns of 15% APR based on historical performance, depending on market conditions and project performance. At maturity, a smart swap contract will enable project stakers to swap their PTs and PRTs into $USDC. Hence, after un-staking PTs and collecting the PRTs at maturity, the project staker may convert their principal stake and return to an equivalent value in $USDC.

On the other hand, if owners of PTs and PRTs would like to liquidate their position before maturity, then the option exists to swap them within the Modus dApp for its equivalent value in $MODUS tokens on a first come first serve basis depending on allocation.

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