🏗️Project (Return) Tokens

Project (Return) Tokens (PTs)(PRTs): Secure and Regulated Transfers

Enhancing Security and Compliance: ERC-1594 Token Standard Variation for Controlled Project Token Transactions and Returns

Project Tokens and Project Return Tokens are generated employing a variation of the ERC-1594 token standard in order to attain transfer restrictions. The standard provides an on-chain function to determine whether a transfer will succeed and return details indicating the reason if the transfer is not valid; thus, decreasing the probability of wasted transaction costs.

Transaction restrictions are necessary from a regulatory and security perspective to ensure only the addresses which have completed the KYC process obtain returns from invested projects. Project and Project Return Tokens are issued on a per-project, per-investment basis to verified Modus community members (Modus token stakers) that have completed the required KYC processes and cannot be transferred or sold to others to prevent misuse.

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